Safe Crane Facts

Cranes make it easy to transport heavy construction materials and reach great heights. Because they are only needed for limited periods of time they are most frequently rented. This is where many municipalities run into trouble.

In the right operator’s hands, cranes can help developers and contractors achieve great tasks. However, in the wrong hands, they can be a hazard to public safety and a potential liability that can cost millions.


Currently, cranes are used to lift commercial HVAC units that weigh 1.5 tons or more. Contractors do not have to inform the local municipality unless the right of way is being obstructed or a police officer is needed for traffic control.

This lack of oversight means that authorities only become aware of dangerous job site conditions after there is an accident and there has been a loss of property or worse – human life.

Site inspections cannot be relied upon to ensure safety as there are so many cranes in operation every day in New Jersey that it would take years to check all of them.

Finally, any fines issue are levied after the end of a job, encouraging many developers and general contractors to take chances by using equipment or people of questionable safety or skill with the idea that savings will outweigh the costs.